Collection: Sand by Saya New York

"Sand by Saya's designs are bright and fun. I'm sure many more people will fall in love with Saya's exciting ideas." ~Dott. F. Diaco, Former CEO of Gucci.

"I strongly believe Saya is one of leading footwear designers in NYC"~ Mr.R. Ocampo, Design Director at Michael Kors.

"Her Drive and creative spirit make it clear as to why her designs are so popular..." ~Mr.N. Ishihara, CEO of Forbes Japan 

It really doesn't get much better in terms of recommendations and reviews, does it? Sand by Saya truly is one of the best designers in her field!

Sand by Saya designer footwear, apparel and accessories have a gorgeous, feminine and fun appeal that you'll want to wear every day! 
Whether you decide on a flat flip flop or go for one of Saya's mid or high wedge flip flops you'll be sure to fall in love. They really are the perfect summer sandal, which is certain to stand the test of time, each shoe goes through an intense durability check and can endure up to 300 Newtons in force, those flip flop straps are not breaking or coming off... 
The mid and high wedge styles give all the chicness of heels without the pain that can come with them and they're seriously beautiful too.
Combined with their luxurious and sophisticated feel, Sand by Saya sandals are ideal for both beach escapes and city strolls. City dwellers can look great and feel comfortable with these sandals, which are all individually handmade in the garment district in NYC.
With a huge variety of colours and patterns, you can find your go-to pair (or pairs!) for any occasion. Whether you need something fun and flirty, bright and cool, or for a wedding, Sand by Saya sandals have it all!
Regularly featured in Elle, Vogue, Cosmopolitan, Glamour and Brides Magazine in the USA, UK and Japan, Saya's collection has transformed the flip-flop, giving it class and elegance.

 All of Saya's footwear is individually made at her studio in NYC, so it can take up to 2 weeks to get your beautiful new footwear delivered to you.

We do have some in stock here in the UK so if we have them - they're yours super fast! If you do need to wait for your shoes to be hand made and shipped to you, believe me - it's worth the wait, these sandals are gorgeous, comfortable and built to stand the test of time, order yours here now, visit our Shop Sandals page, you won't regret it I promise!